Quarantine Chronicles

Quarantine Chronicles 
To slow the spread of COVID-19 most of the world remains in lockdown.

Even Though we miss our usual activities, normal lives, cruising by the sunset harbour in Miami, sunbathing in the picturesque Miami Beach and watching the sun go down or just a bit of retail therapy at beach boutiques.

 It is our responsibility as human beings to protect each other and take social distancing seriously. But by first hand experience I know how difficult it is to adapt in these abrupt circumstances.

During this time, where we can’t see our friends and close ones and meet up for lunch, has made me realise how much we take the little things for granted!

That’s why it is so important for us to change our perception of the world, we must appreciate the beautiful creations of Mother Nature, savour yourselves in these deep meaningful moments as there is so much within us we fail to see due to daily life occurrences.

Instead take this situation and view it as an opportunity which is the gift of time! Time for ourselves, to improve … to flourish. By getting to know ourselves again we discover new things, new passions, new goals; it is essential to understand that as human beings we constantly go through transitions in various stages of our lives.

 Ask yourselves; what do I like? - what haven’t I done in a while that I remember enjoying? - can I improve at certain things?

This is our time, experiment and apply creativity to everything you do. Often as women it is a particularly difficult experience as routines are broken and there are major inconsistencies in our lives.

Essentially this can take a toll on our self-esteem and the way we see ourselves. However, there are little tips you can apply; maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, release all those happy hormones by exercising (key for stimulation of the mind and body), take care of your skin constantly and go for a walk to release all that unnecessary tension from being indoors for long periods of time.

But please, do not put aside your womanhood! You are entitled to feel beautiful inside and out. Appreciate yourselves everyday, don’t hesitate to dress up in bold, bright beautiful colours as summer is around the corner … put on some makeup if you want and go for that walk (safely).

 It’s all in the little things and how you interpret your emotions, focusing on small positive things can improve your mood and overall mental health.


Carry on & stay safe..



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